While our days are busy with manufacturing, learning, advising, and developing, we are never too busy to overlook the most important parts of our business – our people, our workplace, our environment, and our community.

While talent acquisition is key to our success, our culture is key to talent acquisition.  Providing an enthusiastic environment that supports the education, advancement, and family lifestyles of our employees is on our mind each and every day.  And while our business goals may be tied to financial achievement and overall managed growth, our personal goals for each employee are tied to individual happiness, satisfaction, and the desire to be part of a winning and progressive industry-leading team.

Our commitments don’t end with our employees or our clients,  it extends deep into our community, our local economy, and our natural environment. As individuals and as a company, we actively support local charitable organizations, seek volunteer opportunities, and are passionate about upholding exceptional “eco-friendly” best practices.   At Square One, we applaud the printing industry for the significant moves it has made towards a greener, cleaner and healthier future, with more documented success than any other manufacturing industry today. Environmentally responsible processes and materials aren’t just “alternative” options granted upon client request at our facility, they are an integral part of how we do business and are built into every project we undertake. In addition to using sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials wherever possible, we use chemistry-free digital workflows and paperless order entry and administrative processes.

Square One is FSC® Certified by SGS NorthAmerica and in 2009 achieved Greenworks Environmental Recognition.